My Pitch Wars Wish List & A Fun Announcement!

Hi! Welcome to Pitch Wars!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I am so excited to be mentoring for the second year in a row, and even more excited because this year I am co-mentoring with my dear friend, the amazing Stacey Lee!

We are both looking for YA manuscripts, and if you pick us, you’ll be getting two awesome mentors for the price of one!  Pretty good deal, huh?

We’ve had a lot of fun putting together our wish list. This year we would love to see:

Novels set in exotic, unexpected, or underrepresented locales: the Arctic, jungles, foreign countries, the American West. We’d love to read a character-driven stories set on a ranch in the contemporary West, the deep south, a Tahitian island, the Mongolian Steppes. . . we are suckers for adventure and romance (especially the forbidden kind) and we love to be taken to new places and to learn about different cultures.

We also love retellings/re-imaginings of myths, fantasies, fables, and classics. If you have a modernization of Shakespeare, Jane Austen, or Antony and Cleopatra, send them our way.

If your novel has structural quirks—alternating POV, alternating Before/After sections, stories told in reverse—even better.

When it comes to contemporary we like the quirky and the off-beat (think Sherman Alexie or Maureen Johnson).

More than any specific genre, we’re looking for a story with heart, and an MC we can root for. But, for those of you who like specific genres, here are the genres we’d like to see most this year:

  • · Action-adventure
  • · Contemporary
  • · Fantasy
  • · Historical
  • · Historical-fantasy
  • · Humor!
  • · Magical realism
  • · Mystery/thriller
  • · Multicultural

A few more things we really like:  Geniuses, sailors, castles, love triangles, the marginalized, culture clashes, strong friendships or strong sibling relationships, damsels with cheek and slightly baffled heroes. Parents. Villains you love to hate. We would especially love a boy-view, or a coming-of-age story, and a combo of the two would be even better.

Unfortunately we are not the biggest fans of horror, and this year we are also not going to be looking for any science fiction.

 Why you should pick us:

If you’re still not convinced here are some more facts:

We have four years of Pitchwars experience between us.
Last year, Stacey won Pitchwars with her awesome mentee Bethany Smith.  Beth wrote an informative series on the subject of What To Expect From Pitchwars.
Stephanie is a college creative writing instructor and knows her stuff!
Stacey has a historical YA fiction debuting next March (UNDER A PAINTED SKY) and can edit in her sleep.
We love goofing off together–and promise to make this fun!

Thanks again for stopping by!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment (I respond to all comments), or find us on twitter. Here (for Stacey) and here (for me).

And, if you’d like to see more videos, Stacey has posted a couple here!

And don’t forget to check out all the other awesome mentors!


1. Kes Trester 26. Erica Chapman 51. Kristen Strassel
2. Jennifer Blackwood 27. Lori Goldstein 52. Shana Silver
3. Elizabeth Briggs 28. Sarah Guillory 53. Jaye Robin Brown
4. Joy McCullough-Carranza 29. Marieke Nijkamp 54. Sharon Johnston
5. Stephanie Garber 30. Juliana Brandt 55. Ronni Arno Blaisdell
6. Veronica Bartles 31. Michelle Hauck 56. Mina Vaughn
7. Dannie Morin  32. Ben Brooks 57. Mó nica Bustamante Wagner
8. S.K. Falls 33. Sarah Nicolas 58. Fiona McLaren
9. Jason Nelson 34. Ricki Schultz 59. Lauren Spieller
10. Charlie Holmberg 35. Rachel Lynn Solomon  60. Lindsay Currie
11. Sarah Henning 36. Naomi Hughes 61. Meredith McCardle
12. Gail Nall 37. Maggie Hall 62. Whitney Fletcher
13. Dionne McCulloch  38. Brooks Benjamin 63. Jessie Devine
14. Natasha Neagle 39. K.T. Hanna 64. Cat Scully
15. Amy Reichert 40. Stacey Trombley 65. Kate Karyus Quinn
16. E.M. Caines 41. Stephanie Wass 66. Jessie Humphries
17. Brianna Shrum 42. Kelly Loy Gilbert 67. Trisha Leaver
18. Emily Martin 43. Molly Lee 68. Evelyn Ehrlich
19. Rae Chang 44. Trisha Leigh  69. Stacey Lee
20. Dan Koboldt 45. Eden Plantz 70. Jami Nord
21. N.K. Traver 46. Diana Gallagher 71. Kara Leigh Miller
22. Renée Ahdieh  47. Brighton Walsh 72. Rebecca Yarros
23. Karma Brown 48. Virgina Boecker 73. Cole Gibsen
24. L.S. Murphy 49. Jaime Loren 74. Cecily White
25. Stephanie Scott 50. Julie Sondra Decker 75. Thomas Torre